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About Us

In 2019, founders, co-owners, and brothers-in-law David Thurston and Brian Conners realized that a hole had slowly been developing in the premium, high-end beer market. Having traveled through much of Europe in his younger years, David developed a knowledge, appreciation, and love for many of Europe’s oldest and most historic beers and he shared that appreciation with Brian.

“Back in the day, many of those brands were available for purchase in Minnesota”, says Brian.

“But then things began to change”, according to David, now the Brand Manager with Old World Beer. “Brands that were brewed for hundreds to over one thousand years and were the original gold standard of beers, were no longer being represented by the large Minnesota Beer Distributors and therefore no longer available on the shelves of local liquor stores, bars or restaurants.”

The craft beer boom over the last 20 years has been both a blessing and a curse for the import market. On the one hand, it has opened up many traditional Americanized beer drinkers to a pallet of flavors and tastes that they would have never been exposed to. On the contrary, the shelf space previously occupied by high-end imports was reduced to make room for the growing numbers of ever-changing craft beers.

“We love craft beer”, says Brian. “But we also love the original styles that craft brewers are often trying to mimic. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve bumped into local craft brewmasters at a pub, enjoying a German or Belgian import.”

At Old World Beer, we see the future as moving toward a better balance between the new and old. There is absolutely a place in the market for the next creative local brewery that experiments with styles and flavors. But there is also room for us to appreciate the beers that have been tested for centuries and that started it all, the beers from the Old World.

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