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Old World Imports is a full service import company, brokerage firm, marketing group and sales staff that represents a splendid selection of craft breweries, distilleries and wineries from the old world and the new.  With over 35 years in the industry, we remember when there were less than 80 breweries in the country, we remember the struggle in the 1990s to introduce real beer to the nation and we stand in awe today as our country once again has become one of the top brewing countries in the world.

Today, the Old World Imports catalog cornerstones are a group of craft breweries from Castilla Y Leon in Northwest Spain.  Known for centuries as Spain's most fertal ground for great wines, a new breed of craft brewers have arisen around the historic town of Valladolid and are produced some pretty incredible beers from local grains and ingenious vision.  Our three breweries from the Bavarian Alps are a combined 2,200 years old and our North American catalog is ever growing with three stupendous California breweries taking care of the "over the top" categories and a thrilling selection of some of the top up-and-coming smaller craft brewers from around the Country.

2014 saw the addition of the very prestigious Amber Browar out of Poland, a brewery many consider to be that Country's finest craft brewery.  2014 also saw the addition of one of the most ambitious catalogs of wineries out of New York's Finger Lakes region.  

Our reputation for building brands is second to none and Old World Imports works with only the finest, hardest working wholesalers across the Country, assuring our producers the most vivid and wide exposure that exists in today's marketplace.

Spain's finest beers have arrived

Valladolid, Spain  -  Founded in 2010

Alfonso and Agustin Spinola Perdomo-Molero founded the Casasola Brewery in the 14th Century Convent of “Casasola de San Benito el Real” that was owned by Benedictine monks for 500 years before the family acquired it.  The Spinola/Molero families go back over 2000 years in history and is one of the most famous in Spain since the 1500s.  Over the centuries the Spinola family has had two Popes, 20 Saints, 2 Presidents of Portugal, 11 Dukes, 11 Kings of Corsica, 28 Senators, 2 Governors of Italy and multiple Admirals in the Spanish Navy (and that's just on their father's side!).  Alfonso trained at some of the top new craft breweries in Italy, and together the brothers are producing what are now widely considered the finest beers to ever come out of Spain. These are very unique recipes that are as refined as they are rich and luxurious. Elegance reigns at Casasola.

The flagship brand from Cervecera Casasola and one of the most unique Blonde Ales produced anywhere in the world.  Elegance is a big understatement here, 80% of the barley malt comes from the estate and the beer is double malted during fermentation. A brilliant blonde/copper in color, with an immediate freshness on the palate that is quite stark with a decided hoppy edge that is so well balanced with the spicy malts. There is an underlying carbonation that gives this beer a pronounced dance on the palate with a light, sweet caramel and cookie dough presence that gives Benedictinia it’s brilliant drinkability. The beer goes through a secondary fermentation and is bottle conditioned before release and has a 2 year shelf life. Simply brilliant juice.
NESS NESS Imperial Stout
Inspired unfortunately by the death of the family dog “Ness Ness”. It was a dark day for the brothers and they decided to produce a pitch black beer in his honor. This is as intense an Imperian Stout you will taste without the excess body fat usually associated with West Coast Stouts.  A triple fermentation with dark roasted malts from the estate’s barley fields, the intense creaminess gives very subtle tones of cocoa and licorice.  So balanced and down right “pretty” for a Stout, it’s 100% bottle conditioned with a 3+ year shelf life.
Now available in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and Florida

The definitive Finger Lakes Wine Catalog

The great wines of the Finger Lakes region have been New York's well kept secret for quite some time.  But over the last few years, the word has gotten out; this really IS a world class region for white wines.  And for the first time, a group of the finest, most heralded wineries from the Finger Lakes have banded together to market their products (for the first time) outside of New York.  THE NEW YORK WINE EXCHANGE was born from this idea, and now, for the first time, the rest of the country will find out what New Yorkers have known for a long time; these are some of the finest white wines produced on this earth (and they've been made literally in our own backyard for over 250 years).

BOUNDARY BREAKS VINEYARD - Lodi, Finger Lakes, New York
Bruce Murray and his father purchased a 120 acre farm on the East side of Seneca Lake in 2007 that had been in the same family since 1850.  Murray’s goal was to develop a vineyard that could yield Finger Lakes Rieslings that were comparable to some of the great Rieslings of Germany and Alsace.  The focus and dedication of the project is a revelation in the region and the project is helping to redefine what can be done in the Finger Lakes.

INSPIRE MOORE WINERY - Naples, Finger Lakes, New York
Walking into Inspire Moore’s tasting room, the first thing you see is a huge painting of John Lennon. With wines named “Change”, “Peace”, “Love” and “Joy”, it’s obvious that Tim and Diane Moore’s influences run a little deeper than the traditional wine industry.  With a huge dedication to the environment and sustainable growing practices, the Moores make it a point to buy grapes from local growers who also practice sustainable growth.  The winery is producing some simply thrilling wines today.

RED NEWT CELLARS  -  Hector, Finger Lakes, New York
A monumental winery and bistro located in the tiny hamlet of Hector on the Southern end of Seneca Lake.  Founded in 1998 by David Whiting and his late wife Debra, the "Red Newt" became a culinary treasure in the Finger Lakes region and is still considered the finest, most creative restaurant in the region.  David is the winemaker and his run of brilliant Rieslings have put the winery on the forefront of the new wave of wineries in New York.

RED TAIL RIDGE WINERY - Penn Yan, Finger Lakes, New York
Red Tail Ridge winery is owned and operated by Mike Schnelle and Nancy Irelan who are dedicated to producing fine wine in the Finger Lakes.  Schnelle is one of the most meticulous and exacting viticulturists in the Finger Lakes and Nanci was a former Vice President of Viticulture and Enology R&D at one of the world's largest wineries before leaving it all.  The winery was the first in New York is the first to be "Leeds" certified for their organic practices and sustainable practices in the vineyard and winery.

SHAW VINEYARDS - Himrod, Finger Lakes, New York
These are brilliant wines from a master craftsman that has always done things his own way, regardless of what the rest of the world is doing.  From day one, Shaw proceeded to institute some of the most unique winemaking principles at his little winery on Seneca Lake and has literally broken every winemaking rule known to man.  There is no grape crusher at the winery; Shaw puts his whole berries in open casks and lets them sit for 3-4 years before he transfers them to tanks or oak barrels. There is also not a trace of a fermenter on the premises either.  Some of the most remarkable wines being produced in this country today.

WAGNER VINEYARDS - Lodi, Finger Lakes, New York
Bill Wagner’s family had been growing grapes for over 50 years when the passage of the Farm Winery Act in 1976 changed the laws and made it affordable for the Wagner family to produce their own wines.  Bill designed a very distinctive winery and cellar right on the waterfront of Seneca Lake and they were open for business by 1979.  In less than a year, the Wagner name would by synonomous with the heights a wine could reach being produced on the East Coast.  It was those early decisions of what to grow in the Finger Lakes region that made the Wagner family so revered as they were the first in the region to excell with Chardonnay and Riesling.

Upstate New York's Session beer stud

Garrattsville, New York 

Chuck Williamson and Leo Bongiorno purchased an old dairy farm up in the Butternut Mountains in 2005 and built a quaint little brewery with a brewhouse that can produce up to 8,000 barrels a year.  Williamson is the brewmaster and his goal right from the beginning was to produce low alcohol, drinkable beers that still had flash and style, yet were drinkable in the classic style popularized in Great Britain and Southern Bavaria.  Chuck started home brewing at a very early age and was brewing professionally by the age of 21 in New York City at the now defunct Long Island Brewing Company and after the brewery closed in 1999, Chuck brewed at some small brewpubs in Brooklyn and Manhattan before opening Butternuts.  Williamson’s creations have really captured the attention of the most crazed beer geeks and are just as much loved by the everyday beer drinkers in New York.  A British styled India Pale Ale and “ESB” styled Pale Ale are the staples of the lineup.  A gorgeous Bavarian-styled unfiltered wheat ale was unveiled about four years ago and is already considered one of the definitive examples of the style.

Spain's legendary hard ciders

This is where it all started.  Spain has been producing natural ciders from apples for well over 1,000 years.  The Asturian Mountains in Northern Spain has a culture that has changed little since medieval times, and every corner of every little picturesque village up in the Asturian mountains has a cider bar.  These ciders are produced "au natural" and must be poured far from the glass to cause an instant splash to "wake up" the cider and turn it into a fizzy, milky glory.  The Basque region produces their ciders the same way and OLD WORLD IMPORTS is proud to announce the arrivals of three of the hottest cider producers in Spain.

Tinana, The Asturian Mountains, Spain

The “Fonciella” Cidery was designed and built by Luis Llaneza (pronounced “yah-nay’- tha”) for a local family in the tiny village of Tiñana in 2001 and when the owner took sick (and couldn’t pay for the building), Llaneza took over the estate and entered the cider business.  Luis’ wife was a wine negociant at the time and worked with their son Jose, so the passion was already a part of the family culture.  The first thing the family did was hire Andres Corsino whose family had well over 100 years in cider production in the Asturias to make the ciders and the family set out to learn the Asturian hard cider business.  The Llaneza family produced 30,000 bottles of Hard Apple Cider that first year and produced 300,000 bottles of Cider in 2012.  The estate works with a wide range of apple growers in the Asturias, concentrating on 22 different apple varieties.  Twice in the last ten years, the Fonciello Estate has won the very prestigious “Best Cider of the Asturias” award from their peers and have become a household name in the Asturias.

Lecumberri, Navarra,Spain

The Soroa Family are located in the Basque village of Lecumberri, first started buying apples and juice in bulk from the local Basque farmers in 1918,to sell to the local provinces.  Little by little, they have enlarged their small business, with lots of vigor, hard work and an adventurous spirit.  In 1964, the Soroa family created a company to commercially produce Basque ciders and built a very modern facility that they have painstakingly improved over the decades.  The 1990s saw another large expansion and they now have the capacity to produce up to 40 million bottles a year.  70% of their production stays in Spain and even today, the EVA ciders are still produced from all hand-picked apples from their own farms in nearby Lleida, and from hundreds of small Basque farmers that they have dealt with for almost a century.

Usurbil, Gipuzkoa,Spain

Stephen Lertxundi owned 100+ acres of orchards for many years and finally started commercially producing his own cider in the early 1970s. Along with his wife Olivia Ibarguren and their children, they turned the old, historic Basque horse stable into a winery and started developing traditional Basque ciders that were produced “au natural” like in their youth.  Over the last 40 years they have developed into one of the largest producers of authentic Basque country hard cider in all of Spain and their “Saizar” label is synonomous with top quality traditional Basque cider.  The domaine has 75 acres devoted to growing apples that are native to the Basque Region and in many instances, helped bring some of the rarest of Basque cider apples back into production.  The production facilities are very modern at Saizar with the perfect mix of stainless steel tanks for fermentation and large Oak vats for finishing their ciders.  Over 30 different types of apples are grown on the estate and a severe selection process is adhered to every harvest.  The apples are ready by late September and harvest is done by mid November.  Two “natural” ciders are produced at Saizar and both ciders go through a temperature controlled 90-120 day fermentation utilizing only the natural yeasts in the apples. Solids are removed after a second, lactic fermentation and the final assemlage is done in old, stand-up Asturian wooden casks. The ciders are bottled only under a full moon (or a drastic moon change) when the most atmospheric pressure exists (a centuries-old Asturian practice).

The glorious 2012 vintage in Burgundy
Critics are calling the 2012 vintage one of the finest on record in Burgundy.  The Domaine Debray in Beaune has produced some of the stars of the vintage.  Their wines from old vines up on the hills of the Hautes Cotes de Beaune are exquisite.  Please contact Old World Imports for more information.

Beaune, Cote d'Or, France

Yvonnick Debray spent 20 years representing the finest estates in Burgundy and knew the wines and their winemakers as well as anyone in France.  But just selling great Burgundy wasn’t enough for Yvonnick; he wanted to make and sell his own wines.  Debray’s first step was to purchase a revered old wine cellar in the heart of Beaune, on the “Place Saint-Jacques“ right down the road from the Hospices de Beaune.  His next step was to hire one of the most accomplished winemakers in Burgundy; Jean Philippe Terreau, who was responsible for Olivier LeFlaive’s exquisite wine program for the previous 28 years.  Now Debray knew the vineyards of Burgundy like the back of his hand, and he knew who would have fruit available from the finest sites, (not to mention who might have a few acres to sell).   So slowly but surely, he has put together an impressive domaine with some very enviable sites in the portfolio from some of the finest vineyard sites in Burgundy. Each vineyard is 100% hand picked during the harvest with a second sort of the fruit bunches at the estate (the fruit is transported from the vineyard to the estate in refrigerated trucks). Fermentations lasting 4-6 weeks followed by a complete malolactic fermentation in the very cold cellar.  Only oak barriques from the Vosges and Allier forests are used with each wine seeing anywhere from 20% - 35% new oak. Older barrels are sold after five harvests.  The wines see 8-12 months in oak dependent upon the vintage and are bottled after a light filtration.  The domaine is known for rich, vivid wines with  “new world” stylings yet still traditional.  What made this old cellar in Beaune so desirable was the remarkable array of old vines that “this old” domaine owned.  Debray loved the fruit that came from these vines high up in the hills of Beaune (with the “Hautes Cotes de Beaune” appellation).  35-50 year old vines on a choice site not far from some of Beaune’s top Premier Cru sites.  These treasured vines produce the domaine’s flagship wines; the Hautes Cotes de Beaune Rouge from 100% old vine Pinot Noir and the Hautes Cotes de Beaune Blanc from old vine Chardonnay.  These are serious wines that are dramatically rich, fragrant, packed with “terroir” yet burst with elegance.  Those two wines are quite the introduction into the Debray catalog; the domaine is producing small lots of wine from the Cote d’Or’s finest sites; Vosne Romanee, Volnay, Nuits-St Georges, Chambolle-Musigny, Pommard, Pommard, Beaune and some of the Cotes de Chalonnais’ finest sites; Santenay, Mercurey and Saint Aubin.  From the Grand Crus to the Bourgognes, these are articulate, refined wines.

2012 HAUTES COTES DE BEAUNE Bourgogne Rouge
100% handpicked Pinot Noir from 35 year old vines from four different plots on a Southern hillside outside the village of La Rochepot.  Vinified in stainless  steel tanks with temperature controled fermentation and aged for 10 months in French oak barriques.
“Vibrant red to lighter on the rim with a nose of sweet red fruits, tarry and light with enticing Pinot fruit, leading to a palate of sweet, tarry black fruit with floral overtones, perfumed, crunchy yet quite rich too with some fine tannins behind and a lovely, fresh finish. Drink 2014 - 2017. Very good potential.”

2012 HAUTES COTES BE BEAUNE Bourgogne Blanc
100% hand-picked Chardonnay from a parcel of 30-50 year old vines with Western exposure on a marly slope located low in the Côte de Beaune in the village of La Rochepot.  Vinified in stainless steel tanks then aged in oak barriques and bottled the following spring to keep its freshness and fruit.
"The 2012 Hautes Cotes de Beaune Blanc shows fresh acids, with fine sweet, white peach fruit, with a slightly floral aroma..."
“Pale gold with a nose of bright white stone fruits, fresh, leading to a tightly fruited palate of supple, juicy white fruits, a very distant grilled note and a rich, tangy finish. Delicious. Drink 2014 - 2016. Very good potential.”

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Asheville, North Carolina

Cologne, Germany

San Jose, California

South River, Ontario Canada

Jever, Germany

Lodi, Finger Lakes, New York

Palos Verdes, California

Lecumberri, Navarra, Spain

Pine Island, New York

Tinana, Asturias, Spain

Bielsk Podlaski, Poland

New Orleans, Louisiana

Bielsk Podlaski, Poland
Lublin, Poland

Ventura, California

Lodi, Finger Lakes, New York

Naples, Finger Lakes, New York

Hector, Finger Lakes, New York

Penn Yan, Finger Lakes, New York

Himrod, Finger Lakes, New York

Lodi, Finger Lakes, New York

Lodi, Finger Lakes, New York

Beaune, Burgundy, France